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Streaming of multimedia content to mobile devices with micropayment-based fee collection
Dec 2001 - Dec 2004
Main researcher
IIIA Collaborators
Project description
The upcoming GPRS and UTMS new mobile phone generations and the proliferation of palmtop computers open excellent opportunities for deploying broadband services for mobile devices. Taking advantage of such opportunities results in better service for users and in increased revenue for content providers, financial organizations and, last but not least, telecom operators, who can generate returns from their heavy investments in UMTS licenses. The objective of STREAMOBILE generate returns from their geavy investments in UMTS licenses. The objective of STREAMOBILE is to demonstrate a prototype for real-time streaming of multimedia content to mbile devices. The mobile user pays for the received contents by using a smart card inserted in her mobile device to make a micropayment per time slot or per data block. Intellectual property of the received contents is protected by watermarks. The project draws on the experience of the proposers in smart cards, micropayments, audio and video watermarking and data mining and synthesis. Innovation is foreseen in the following aspects: demonstration of a new pay-per-view/pay-per-listen broadband service intended for the new generation of mobile devices; design of the first anonymous micropayment scheme; enhancement of watermarking robustness using advanced data fusion and record matching techniques; demonstration of the usefulness of record matching to test the real anonymity offered by so-called anonymous electronic payment systems.