TitleA Multi-agent Approach to Energy-Aware Wireless Sensor Networks Organization
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2013
AuthorsDelgado Mdel Carmen, Sierra C
Editor, Vouros GA
Conference NameAgreement Technologies - Second International Conference, AT
Conference LocationBeijing, China,
Date Published01/08/2013
ISBN Number978-3-642-39859-9

Wireless Sensor Networks when deployed in inaccessible or remote areas require sensing and communication algorithms that minimise energy consumption. This is needed to reduce battery replacement costs. At the same time, the information transmitted to the sink has to be good enough in order to make timely decisions on the environmental hazards being monitored. Sensor algorithms have to thus balance quality of information with energy consumption. We introduce in this paper an algorithm that uses multiagent co-ordination technology to organize the sensors in coalitions that share the burden of sensing and communicating. We provide experimental evidence of a good balance between information quality and energy consumption on a simulated river pollution phenomenon.